Pure Steam Generators

3rd Generation Pure Steam Units with Pure Steam of WFI quality    

The units have a number of design features to achieve an optimised function and a safe Pure Steam quality, condensed as per the latest editions of USP and EP for Water For Injection.


* Fully automatic function and surveillance.
* Unique 4 step separation system.
* Maximal operational safety.
* High flexibility
* Pure Steam quality sampling
* Feed water degassing.
* Space saving, easy to install

PURE STEAM GENERATORS, steam heated 6-8 bar g                

TYPE            PS PRESSURE        CAPACITY Kg/h                        
SG - 200 -1        2-3 bar g            120-60
SG - 300 -1        2-3 bar g            240-120
SG - 400 -1        2-3 bar g            540-400
SG - 500 -1        2-3 bar g            1000-750
SG - 600 -1        2-3 bar g            1600-900
SG - 700 -1        2-3 bar g            2100-1400
SG-1200 -1        2-3 bar g            5000-2800
Other capacities are available on request!                            


* Automatic start/stop on external signal.
* Manual start/stop.
* Automatic pressure keeping to selected value.
* Automatic valve regulation of heating steam,
...feed water and compressed air.
* Automatic surveillance & alarms of critical process


* Feed water degassing.
* Pure Steam sample condenser with conductivity
.. registration.
* Sterile air vent filter and close off.
* Heat steam safety relief valve & pressure shut off.
* Electro polished internal surfaces.
* Boroscope inspection of internal welds.
* Central control cabinet for the complete PS system.
* Pure Steam pipe systems.


All AQUA-NOVA PS Generators are production FAT tested
at our factory before delivery. The tests are documented and the produced steam quality is verified by an independent laboratory.

The software is developed as per GAMP specifications.

When ordered, full Pre IQ and OQ documentation will be
supplied with the machines, including calibration documents.

The standard delivery documentation consists of:

* Authorised pressure vessel drawings with material and
...weld certificates.
* Mechanical component documentation and manuals.
* Electrical and instrument documentation and manuals.
* Machine installation, operation and service manual

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