Ekström & Son - A modern company with a long tradition

Ekström & Son,, manufactures the Aqua-Nova product suite. Ekström & Son stands for quality products since 1896: It started with household vessels made from copper and developed into equipment for the brewery and distillery industry. Today, a little more than 100 years later, Ekström & Son is one of the leading manufacturers of pressure vessels, columns and shell and tube heat exchangers in Scandinavia.

Production Capabilities

Manufacturing complex products that fully satisfy the expectations of the customer requires theoretical knowledge as well as skilled craftsmanship. In Ekström & Son we strive for excellency and are amongst others certified in accordance with:

- ISO 9001:2000 
- ASME U-stamp (USA) 
- SQL (P.R. China) 
- EN 729-2

Our own quality control department is well equipped for conducting non-destructive tests: Two X-ray plants for checking welding joints, equipment for helium leak detection, and equipment for penetrant and magnetic powder testing.

Product Development & Engineering

The development of tailor made solutions requires a close mutual cooperation with our clients.

Our engineers use the CAD system Pro Engineer and AutoCad. Pressure vessel calculations are made with special softwares adapted to different standards as PED, ASME and others. 

As one of few manufacturers in Scandinavia, Ekström & Son are members of HTFS (, which gives us access to the latest research within heat transfer technology. It allows us to simulate advanced solutions for clients in our computer environment.

Standards & Welds

MIG, MAG, MMA, TIG and orbital welds are made by certified welders. We are authorized by EWF and IWF. 

The manufacturing is certified and approved
according to ISO 9001, EN-719,
EN-729-2, AD Merkblatt HP3.

Standards of TKN 87, ASME, PED, etc.
are used and welds are authorized by EWF and IWF.

Our environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001.

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