25 year

The water still is the heart, and the WFI distribution system the bloodstream, of your sterile liquid production
and thus of vital importance.
AQUA-NOVA® Water Stills and Pure Steam Generators represent more than 30 years of accumulated experience within WFI production and clean water systems. Our third generation Multi- and Single-effect Stills are characterized by flexible operation and a safe distillate quality exceeding the specifications of USP, EP and JP for "Water For Injection".

The stills can also produce Pure Steam for sterilisation purposes. Depending on the needs for Pure Steam the units are individually dimensioned to meet the requirements in each case.Of special importance in our designs is the water droplet separation in four steps, introduced in 1980

The developed "float" type heat exchangers minimizes the thermal stress thus avoiding formation of micro cracks. The thermosiphon principle used gives high efficiency and reduces possible scaling should the feed water deteriorate. A variety of optional equipment are available with all units and the instrumentation can be adapted to the client´s in-hose standards. The software programs are developed following the GAMP guidelines.

AQUA-NOVA®Multi-effect stills with 4 step seperation and proportional regulation giving maximal operation reliability.

AQUA-NOVA® COMBI multi-effect still for simultaneous WFI and Pure Steam production at any capacity.

AQUA-NOVA®Pure Steam Generators as "stand-alone" units have the same design and separation system as the 1st column of a multi-effect still.

AQUA-NOVA®Laboratory Stills & MEDICELL® research water systems have a number of design features to achieve an optimised function and safe quality corresponding to WFI or higher.

AQUA-NOVA® PW and HPW systems based on Reverse Osmosis, double or single, combined with CEDI are supplied using the latest technology as e.g. hot water sanitation. They are individually dimensioned based on the feed water quality and the production requirements.

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