Aqua-Nova Services

The Water Still is the heart and the WFI distribution the bloodstream of your sterile, liquid production.

When the Still together with the storage vessel and distribution loop is maintained in good health the risk to product contamination or eventual roduction halts will be avoided.

There is nothing as expensive as having to throw batches away due to bad quality, having to stop for sterilization, to experience authority re-inspections or even worse, having to close departments that do not fulfill GMP standards.

AQUA-NOVA® offers extensive technical support to keep your WFI system at good health, up and running, complying with GMP and authority regulations.

Our services range from,

  • Regular and on-demand machine & system service. 
  • Technical support by phone, e-mail or web/web cam. 
  • Service contract for annual service & check of your system. 
  • Re-qualification of machine and loop systems. 
  • Extension and upgrading of existing installations. 
  • On-line technical system surveillance. 
  • Supply of spare parts. 
  • Our Archives holds technical documents and programs, for backup.

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